Wix for eCommerce has gained a lot of popularity
Wix for eCommerce has gained a lot of popularity

Wix for eCommerce has gained a lot of popularity

Wix for eCommerce has gained a lot of popularity in the past couple of years and upcoming years will be no different. It’s a major competitor to other similar development platforms such as WordPress etc in the eCommerce space. Wix delivers amazing features and tools to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses starting in the field of eCommerce. This platform offers subscription-based services with tons of free features and themes. It is easy to use and set up. Apart from that, it has marketing automation features, product and order management, free domain name, and multiple payments gateways. 


By far, Shopify is considered the best platform for eCommerce. It is very popular for drop shipping and if you depend on Facebook advertising and Instagram promotional marketing activities. Among other things, it offers 100+ professional themes, plus hundreds more third-party. It is super user-friendly with a drag and drop interface, plus you can edit HTML and CSS directly. Also, it generates better reports on sales and store activity. The downside of Shopify is that it is not SEO friendly and additionally you would need help from an expert developer for setting up advanced features.  Squarespace Web Design


This eCommerce development platform is popular for its amazing features, user-friendliness, and infrastructure. Big companies like Samsung, Nike, Ford, Lenovo, Olympus, Nestle, and others use the Magento platform. According to research studies, the Magento eCommerce platform powers almost 29.89% of all online stores. Magento is an open-source platform with a free Magento community edition. It offers a huge library of modules and has powerful community support. Apart from that, 

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